Your Business Needs Polycom Phones

Note: this post is not sponsored by Polycom. We really just think that highly of their phones!


Part of your search for the best business phone provider will include choosing hardware. Some providers offer a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model, where you purchase hardware completely separately from your phone service, similar to how you would purchase a cell phone. Other providers will include the hardware at no cost, or are able to offer you a deal on purchasing or leasing hardware.

The providers we partner with here at Business VoIP Quote recommend Polycom phones, and some even provide them at no cost when you sign a contract. After hearing such rave reviews about these phones, we decided to do some digging on them ourselves. Here’s what we discovered about Polycom phones.


1. Wide Range of Products

From standard black and white desk phones to high-tech almost space-age looking conference phones, Polycom offers a massive range of products suitable for every business. And since they all have very similar user interfaces, once you learn what all the buttons and functions do on one phone, you’re pretty much set for working on the other models of phones, too.


2. Worldwide Use

Businesses all around the world use Polycom phones, so the level of knowledge and support is very high overall. A simple Google search yields hundreds of thousands of results from individuals and companies across the world teaching others how to use the phones, troubleshooting (if you should need it), and setup instructions.


3. Dual Registered

Getting technical for a minute here, a phone having the capability to be “dual registered” basically means that it can connect to 2 data centres at once. Imagine your house is on the corner of 2 streets. If there’s a traffic jam on one street, your automatic reaction would be to take the other street. So if your phone can’t connect to one of the data centres for whatever reason, it’ll automatically connect to the backup data centre, without you even realizing it! Especially in areas with a higher chance of natural disaster, being able to automatically connect to a secondary data centre means that your business will never be without a communications channel.


4. Ease of Provisioning

One of the main benefits of choosing a VoIP provider for your business is that most of the technical work to set up the phone system can be completed by the provider itself, or remotely if you already have the hardware. Polycom phones are easily registered, and can be provisioned remotely. If you’re having problems with your phone, your provider’s technical support team will be able to see all the phone details without the need to having someone physically at your office fixing the phones. The phones can also be restarted remotely, as well, and firmware updates can be pushed to hardware without any input from the end-user needed.


5. Reputation by Association

Polycom phones are by no means the cheapest phones on the market. However with this higher price tag comes the reputation that Polycom has with VoIP providers across the world. A business phone provider’s hardware offerings can help you determine how serious the provider is. If they are recommending low quality hardware, what does that say about other things that they use internally and recommend, such as their online management platform tool, their technical support team, and overall quality of service. By choosing a provider that only supports the best in hardware, you can rest assured in the assumption that they have the same high standards for other areas of your business as well.