Benefits of VoIP for the Remote Workforce

21st-century technology has paved the way for the remote workforce. Nowadays, your messages, documents, and necessary workplace software all reside in the cloud, enabling employees spanning across the globe to work cohesively with one another regardless of geographic location. The catalyst, of course, is the uprising of the internet, bolstered even more through VoIP technology. VoIP offers users ultimate flexibility in which team members are no longer locked into a 9-5, tied-to-your-desk work day. Here’s why VoIP is the best solution for the remote workforce.

Reduced Costs To The Business

Whether you have all employees under one roof or scattered in home offices across the country, it won’t matter to your bank account! As with any cloud-based solution, there are no installation or maintenance fees when you deploy a VoIP system. There are also no surcharges for long-distance calls, nor any for separate landlines. Rather, your business will receive a single invoice for the entire workforce at the end of the month, meaning that there is no need for your accounting team to catalog and approve an endless list of phone bills.

Ultimate Mobility & Flexibility

Thanks to the flexibility of the cloud, you’re no longer tied down to the office building. Therefore, you can remain accessible from anywhere at any time while still providing an enjoyable caller experience with the same features and capabilities as your office phone system. If you’re constantly on the move, you can download your provider’s mobile app (which most VoIP providers offer), which will allow you to remain connected to the central corporate system.

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding is a standard VoIP feature that should come included in all packages. With call forwarding, your employee will be given a single phone number for clients to connect with and when the client calls in, the call is forwarded to whatever device the employee happens to be using at the time. You’ll never have to miss a call and your client doesn’t have the hassle of having to remember multiple numbers.

Simple Deployment & Flexible Staffing

With a VoIP system, your business is infinitely scalable. There is no limit to the number of users that can be added or removed to the system! Just reach out to your provider for all of your fulfillment needs and your new phone will be shipped to you immediately.

Another great bonus of VoIP is that you can be entirely flexible with the number of staff your business has. For example, if your business relies on seasonal peaks, you may need to add temporary staff or telecommuters within your busy season. When your busy season is over, you can simply pause or remove the amount of extra users until your next spike in demand.