Time to Ditch Your Analog Phone System

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

This seems to be the mentality of many organizations when it comes to office technology. We’re guilty of it too, we just can’t seem to get rid of that old fax machine collecting dust in the corner. This mindset is what leads to companies relying on out of date technology, like desk phones, that are way past their prime and hardly provide any value. Sure the basics still work, but they aren’t adding to business efficiencies and you’re likely sinking tons of money into maintaining dinosaur technology. Let’s take a tip from our favourite Netflix organizer, Marie Kondo, and ditch what no longer brings us joy. Time to get rid of your old analog system with the tricky phone lines to make way for a value-added phone solution. Here are 5 business reasons why you need to invest in upgrading your business phone service.

1. Changing Technology

Technology is evolving at an ever-increasing rate. What was once the talk of science fiction is now not only possible, but already multiple generations in. Phone technology is no different, with innovative features and new functionality being developed every year. Today’s phone systems are now equipped with automatic system updates, integrations with industry-leading software, and sophisticated features that provide far more than a simple dial tone.

2. First Impressions

Every business owner understands the power of a first impression. If the first impression of a company is that you had to spend 30 minutes on hold to be connected with a customer support representative, then you are much less likely to purchase from the same company even if the offering met your expectations. Give your prospects a great first impression with a unique calling experience by using features like a clear auto attendant, the ability to seamlessly transfer calls, and maybe even add current on-hold music. This type of experience positions your brand as current and in-touch with new technologies. When they speak to a live representative from your company, it raises the bar even higher to have good sound quality and an enjoyable call without static or delays.

3. Office Aesthetic

Thanks to funky co-working spaces and cool startups, office spaces have really stepped up their game! If you’re a client-facing company and have customers walking into your office daily, it’s important for them to see a polished and organized atmosphere. Take a look around your office and see if you’re housing any technology that looks out of place. You wouldn’t have a computer tower under your desk running Windows 95 that takes up all of your space, so why would you have a yellowing desk phone that looks like it belongs on the set of a 90s TV sitcom? Showcasing sleek and modern phones on employees’ desks will complete the modern, professional aesthetic!

4. Increasing Productivity

Sometimes the best work is done outside of the office. Before unified communications technology, your employees would have to be tied to their desk from 9 – 5 so they could stay connected to clients and colleagues. Modern phone technology has empowered workers to stay connected while on the go by bringing their physical desk phone with them and simply plugging it on, or through mobile apps that forwards calls to their mobile device of choice. Whether you’re stuck in traffic or need to work from home for a day, your connectivity will no longer suffer!

5. Service

If a traditional analog system goes awry, it can take days, sometimes even weeks to have a professional come in and check the system. With an older phone system, it may take even longer as most telecom support companies are no longer familiar with outdated technology. Worst case scenario, your phone system may be left completely unsupported so adding or removing features would not be possible. To top it all off, these headaches also come with hefty maintenance fees! With a fully managed phone system, support is just a simple call away! The same goes for setting up your phone system initially, adding new employees, or even completely moving offices. A quality VoIP service provider will assist you every step of the way and be available for support so you can focus on your business!