Telltale Signs Your Company Needs a Phone System Upgrade

While a complete phone systems overhaul may seem daunting, changing the communications backbone of your organization may actually be necessary. There are several signals to look for that indicate that it may be time for a business phone systems upgrade!

On-Premise PBX is reaching the end of life

Many on-premise systems are nearing or have already exceeded the official end of life phase of their product cycle. To put it simply, many of these devices are no longer being supported by their vendors. Check your current on-premise system to see what the end of life date is and investigate the limitations and costs associated with your current system.

Company Growth

Is your business experiencing fast growth? Now is the perfect time to review your phone system and see if it can:

  • Scale at the rate that your business is growing to meet demand
  • Provide the desired features
  • Remain a cost-effective solution

If the above criteria doesn’t apply to your phone system, time to start looking for a new solution!

Moving Offices

Is your company relocating to a new facility or upgrading the office space? There’s no need to complicate an already tricky process by lugging a heavy on-premise system, managing billing problems, and having to schedule service calls. With a cloud-hosted business phone system, the moving process truly couldn’t be any easier! All you need to do is pack up your desk phone and plug them in at the new location. No additional logistics, expensive service calls, or billing snafus. Ditch the old technology at your former location and step into the 21st century!

Mergers and Acquisitions

Take your upcoming M&A as an opportunity to reduce complexities! Merging two companies’ operations is already difficult without the hassle of complicated processes and offerings. Start fresh with a modern hosted solution and eliminate the maintenance and headaches.

Cost Reductions

Every business has gone through a cost cutting phase at one point in its life cycle. Measures often need to be taken to reduce costs and improve efficiency. One of the first places to look is your on-premise system and any maintenance fees and IT expenses associated with it. Evaluate the costs of keeping the current system and features with the benefits and cost reductions of moving to a more cost-effective Cloud-Hosted Solution. In fact, look for hosted solutions beyond your phone system to simplify areas including CRM, billing, client success, and technical support.