What to Expect When You’re Expecting to Switch to VoIP

Congratulations! You’re expecting… to upgrade to VoIP! Like a growing number of businesses around the globe, you’ve decided to embrace the benefits of cloud-based phone solutions. We know its a big decision, and we want you to feel prepared. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of what you can expect when you make the leap to VoIP!

Determine the necessary features & integrations

VoIP providers offer a myriad of powerful calling features that you can pick and choose from to create a custom phone solution for your business. Since VoIP is software-based, you’re never locked into a standard set of features. Rather, you can choose a set of features that you think will best suit your business needs and alter these features as your business scales. As VoIP technology continues to advance, new features and integrations will be added to your administrative platform. Before you begin your search for a phone system, identify the features and integrations that you think will add value to your communications. Explore Business VoIP Quote’s Evaluation Guide for a list of features that are included in all of our partner’s packages.

Introduction to new technologies

When migrating to the cloud, you open up a world of opportunity! The sophisticated features, enterprise integrations, and management software associated with VoIP services are created to increase efficiencies and provide valuable business insights. Every call generated through your organization can be tracked, recorded, and leveraged through your provider’s management portals to make more informed business decisions.

One-on-one on-boarding

We get it. The thought of switching to a new, more advanced technology can be intimidating. However, unlike traditional telco providers who walk you through the sales process and disappear once the product is purchased, VoIP providers that rely on subscription-based recurring revenues take a white-glove approach to onboarding to ensure you find success in deploying their service. Each of Business VoIP Quote’s partner providers have a step-by-step process of introducing your business to their technology and provide up-to-date training and learning materials for your team to feel comfortable in using the software.

Easy setup

Here at Business VoIP Quote, we are huge proponents of Polycom devices. Why? Because of their large suite of products, internationally-renowned reputation, dual registration capabilities, and most importantly, ease of provisioning! Each Polycom device is provisioned by your VoIP provider and shipped directly to your location. Once received, your team will plug their phones in and be up and running within minutes. With any changing infrastructure, you can expect a short amount of downtime or lapses in the availability of your services. Be prepared and plan for the switch to occur outside of your business hours or use alternate methods to stay connected to minimize downtime.