Business Phone Systems for Small Businesses

Operating a small business comes with a mountain of challenges. Competing with industry giants while you have limited resources means that key business necessities like your phone system are often pushed to the backburner. In fact, 57% of small businesses are continuing to use alternate forms of phone systems (or worse yet, nothing at all). Over half of this 57% are relying on traditional PBX boxes. While it’s understandable that an entrepreneur’s time and wallet are tight, they’re also missing out on a wealth of opportunity by relying on outdated technology. Today, we’re addressing the top 10 selling points that small business VoIP buyers identified as the key reasons for purchasing new software.

1. Reliability

Modern business VoIP solutions are fault-tolerant and resilient. Many VoIP providers make use of data centres and back-up cloud-based storage facilities located across multiple geographies to ensure reliability regardless of weather storms or disasters. Coupled with robust internet connections at your home or another office, your business will benefit from continuity and disaster recovery that is already built into your solution. If concerned about your internet bandwidth, VoIP providers are capable of running tests before you deploy a solution to ensure you have the best possible connection to cover your business phone needs.

2. Easier to Use

No need to fool around with tricky cabling and questionable wires, with plug-and-play technology, phones come pre-configured and ready to use once connected to your business’s Internet.

3. Company Growth

Every small business shares one common goal: growth. Therefore, small businesses need a system that can evolve and scale as their business does. Web-based solutions are infinitely scalable as long as your organization can hold enough bandwidth. New extensions can be added at any time while avoiding tricky infrastructure enhancements.

4. Better Quality

With high-definition voice or video calls transmitted over high-speed Internet connections, your business can operate with ease in knowing that it has the best quality on the market.

5. Better Support

Anyone who has ever experienced extensive network downtime, unreachable and offshore customer support teams, or painful onboarding processes can attest to how important it is to have reliable telecom support. As part of the Business VoIP Quote Promise, we only partner with providers whose expert staff are available and reachable within 2 minutes or less. We take pride in setting your business up for success!

6. Lower Price

One of the biggest draws towards VoIP is the cost savings that business owners enjoy from switching systems. Say goodbye to hefty long distance fees, maintenance costs for software upgrades, and expensive feature pricing. All of Business VoIP Quote’s phone system partners offer inclusive pricing!

7. More Functionality

Thanks to telecom developers, new innovations are created every day. The constant stream of new functionality coupled with an already extensive suite of features means that your phone system is never outdated and will constantly be seeking to improve workplace efficiency. The best part? Due to the web-based nature of a cloud-based system, these features are automatically pushed out to all devices as they come available!

8. More Modern

VoIP is the business communications of the future! With features like three-way calling, admin platforms, call data analysis tools and downloadable smartphone apps, your business is able to present a professional image while leveraging your system to maximize business efficiencies.

9. Remote Accessibility

Thanks to globalization and modern technology, flexible work arrangements like virtual offices and remote workforces have become the norm. With VoIP software, you can easily and inexpensively connect employees across multiple geographies on the same phone system, allowing for quick extension-to-extension dialing from one phone number. The major benefit of cloud-based telephone software is that your system is accessible anywhere users have an internet connection.

10. Better Security

As with moving any software to the cloud, security should always be one of the top priorities. VoIP systems are actually more secure than the average on-premise PBX system. The key is to use a reliable internet provider, which is usually a given in today’s business world.